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Our design, your customisation = your ultimate utilised bottle!


The backstory...
For two years we've been creating drink ware with the intension to minimise single use plastic on our planet. Our tumblers continue to be a huge hit with our customers but we couldn't find a bottle that ticked all the same boxes as our tumblers, so we made one!
In December 2021, the concept came into fruition and for the next 7 months I (Sarah), began developing their design, accessories and most importantly, the bottles functionality.
I loved the idea of being able to change their use. Some days you might need your BBOTTLED for the gym and others you might need it for simply hanging out with friends. This also meant that our customers wouldn't have to buy a whole new item of drink ware, each time they needed it for different uses, which in turn cuts out on production effects on our planet. (I secretly loved that this coincided with being able to change up the look of your BBOTTLED in different colours when you fancied.)
The BBOTTLED name is a spin on our name (we call Birdie Barn, BB for short in coversation) and the word 'bottle'.
BBOTTLED is simply pronounced 'bottled'.
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bottles in the water


Our BBottles hold a huge 32oz (that's nearly 1L), which makes them perfect for full day hydration.

They're made from double-wall stainless steel that keeps your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours.

We print all our designs on to BBOTTLED in our own Birdie Barn studio at 200℃, with our own customised inks to ensure they last a lifetime.

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We want your BBottle to serve you for a variety of occasions and sometimes you just fancy a change; that's why we've created a range of different style lids, in different colours to suit your day and mood. We have 4 different style of lids which are:

Straw style; Perfect to use as your everyday water bottle.

Screw Style; Great when you need a big 'chug' while working out

Sip Style; If you'll be enjoying a coffee in your BBottle, these are great for hot beverages

Handle Style; Not a fan of drinking from any type lid? These lids keep your drink protected from the elements and allow you to drink straight from the BBottle.

Of course you can use whichever lid you prefer and which best suits you personally, the above is just a guide to help you out choosing.

All our lids are BPA free.

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Functionality meets serious style! Our BBOTTLED straps are super handy for when you don't have a spare hand to carry your BBottle, or want to attach your BBottle to your backpack. Not to mention, they add some serious eye appeal!

Opt for our standard style, which contains two neck fixings for extra security, a carabiner clip and your chosen strap with a side release buckle.

Our luxe strap version has all the same features as the standard strap but also contains its own compass and whistle for safety when you're adventuring.

Both our style of straps are made from military grade nylon.

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If you're a little clumsy or accident prone (we all have our moments) then our BBOTTLED BBooties are your new best friend! They are a silicone boot that fits to the base of your BBottle, which not only prevents it sliding on shiny surfaces but also protects it from becoming scratched underneath. You can also add them to your BBOTTLED collection simply because you want to switch up the style of your BBOTTLED that day!

Available in 9 different colours.

We also have some rubber sticky pads available to fit onto the base of your BBottle, if you want the anti slip protection without the full BBootie sleeve.

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Read our BBOTTLED FAQ here