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The Big Chocolate Bundle with Personalised Snack Bowl

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Your Christmas movie night just got a whole lot better with these personalised snack bowls accompanied with a whole load of chocolate goodies from Little Lodge Confectionery.

They make a great gift for families or for the one with the sweet tooth.

Snack Bowl Features;

  • Comes with transparent lid
  • Can be heated in an oven (removing lid first)
  • 100% dishwasher proof (not microwavable due to metal)
  • Measures 9cm x 12cm - 26oz 

Gingerbread Slab;

  • Gingerbread flavoured bar with gingerbread biscuit crumb
  • 120g
  • Contains milk, wheat and soy lecithin 

Chocolate Buttons;

  • Mixed bag of white and milk Belgian chocolate 
  • 200g
  • Contains milk and soya lecithin

Hot Chocolate Stirrer;

  • Contains milk and soya lecithin
  • 80g
  • Includes mini marshmallows
  • Random character choice supplied

Christmas Chocolate Lollipop;

  • Milk and white chocolate lollipop with sprinkles
  • Contains milk, wheat and soya lecithin
  • 35g
  • Random character choice supplied

Santa Seal Slab;

  • Milk chocolate slab with sprinkles and Santa's seal
  • Contains milk, wheat and soya lecithin
  • 40g
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